Monday, October 24, 2005

Got ActiveX?

ActiveX required?To use PassAlong's digital distribution service, you must have ActiveX installed. Got Firefox? No worries, there's a plug-in just for you.


Kickass form assistance

So have you seen Remember The Milk yet? It's a to-do list service that has some very next-gen features, including some Ajaxy stuff to speed things like form entry and validation:

Remember The Milk checks to see if the username I've selected is available as I type it and puts little checkmarks next to completed fields. I'm totally in love with this approach. How many times have you filled out a form with a kabillion fields, only to be forced to do it again because one or two fields were invalid?

"Samy" explained

Here's a detailed examination of the MySpace Samy/JS.Spacehero worm, a JavaScript hack that enabled one MySpace user to automatically add himself to the "friends" lists of thousands of MySpace members and add the line "Samy is my hero" to their profiles.

Looks like the perp found a way to execute JavaScript by stuffing a "javascript:" pseudo-protocol inside a CSS background:url(...) rule, then used XMLHTTP to execute a series of POSTs. Much of the code looks pretty IE-specific in this case.

Mmmm, Ajax badness.