Thursday, May 26, 2005

Summer Slump

This is one of those posts to inform readers that blogging will continue to be light over the next few weeks as things get crazy with the music thing the day job is taking away what little time is left. Plus, I've got a backlog of Lost episodes to watch.

Of course, I fully expect to discover a bunch of post-worthy things the moment I click "Save" on this entry :)

In the meantime, behold the wonder that TiddlyWiki has become. It's got some of the cleanest JS code I've seen in a long time, and local load/save options? Heaven. I came up with a hack to add checkboxed list items but it's so ugly and wrong I'm too embarrassed to release it.


At 11:52 AM, Blogger Mark Woodman said...

No slumps allowed. You must continue posting scripty goodness on the hour.

Anyway, +1 on the TiddlyWiki. I spent a bit of time cleaning out a copy for my personal use (deleting all tiddlers which aren't how-to-do-something). I keep two on my USB stick now: A running journal wiki (how fat I am, how far I can't run), and a House Hunting wiki with all the scads of contact information, to-to lists, MLS listings, and so on that go with that scene. Very handy indeed.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger gmn17 said...

I love the tiddy, the gtd one is very good


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