Friday, March 18, 2005

About this site

The Strange Zen Of JavaScript is an offshoot of and successor to Delimiter, a weblog about web application design focused on JavaScript, CSS, Flash and other client-side technologies. Unlike Delimiter, this weblog will try to keep the focus on JavaScript quirks, caveats odd hacks, curiosities and collected wisdom, and only delve into topics like CSS where they intersect. I'm also going to try and refrain from commenting on every cool JS-based app released unless there's a useful technique or exploit to be learned from reverse-engineering.

I got the idea for SZOJ while perusing the Delimiter archives and rediscovering a series of numbered posts dealing with strange little JS gotchas I'd uncovered. I decided to consolidate these posts in a new weblog, and I'll probably end up plundering some old content from my formerly-all-scripting site and seeing how it's held up.

Some of these posts might contain stuff that advanced developers will find forehead-slappingly obvious, but everyone starts somewhere. My hope is that web app developers who run into trouble might Google this site and find an answer, or at least something interesting.

Feel free to send me any JS weirdness you discover, and I'll be happy to post it. Be sure to include a name and a URL so I can credit you. Here's the address.


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